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Tumblr is a popular microblogging site where you can find a lot of cute cats, conspiracy theories, weird gifs, inspiring stories, funny videos, and other stuff that its active users can think of. Because of its popularity, Tumblr is also used by a lot of marketers to try and gain traffic for their site. This is done by creating a blog and trying to get followers.

It’s easy to create a blog but it’s hard to get followers. Your blog can be ever so beautiful and content rich… But without any followers, what’s the point? You need followers to get traffic. And you need traffic to get revenue. That’s where Tumblr Follow comes in.

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Free Tumblr Followers
Tumblr Follow is an app for iOS that lets you get tumblr followers for free. Once you download the app, you are given different people to follow on tumblr. Following these people would earn you credits which you then can use to get your own followers. It’s fast and easy way to get a few people to follow you. Although you won’t get a gazillion followers in a short period of time but its a start.

If you want a faster way, there is a paid option too. But if you don’t have funds, then the free option would definitely suffice. All you need is a bit of patience to follow people and you’ll be on your way to Tumblr stardom. 0_0

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4 thoughts on “App for Free Tumblr Followers

  1. I’ll admit I am a little skeptical. I don’t doubt it will get you followers, but it sounds like the same kind of follower exchange that used to be really popular on Twitter. The problem with those was that the followers weren’t interesting in reading content, just in getting credits and you following back. In many cases they would get the credits then unfollow, which is why those schemes had a less than great success rate.

    Of course, if you just want numbers, it will probably do exactly what you want.

  2. I’m sure the kind of gaining followers app has a use to kick start a blog with potential.
    Just another way of getting the word out, but I don’t think it would be any use for a Tumblr that has uninteresting content

  3. I actually do own a tumblr blog since several years now and to get followers through some kind of blog or algorithm is totally possible, I have seen a lot of things on that website.

    But does it really worth it? I mean sometimes for advertising, yes, I guess.

  4. As someone above already mentioned, this type of follower exchange is a bit buggy in the fact that people would follow someone just to get those points. There are always loopholes in every setup, no matter how well planned or executed. The clever ones will find their way around any system set into place and get more points than those who are being honest and genuinely trying to get followers to their page. The same thing happens on YouTube when people ask for subscribers or do a subscriber exchange. All they really get is a number on their channel, but not an actual viewer. It’s much better to slowly grow a viewership rather than skipping the process and trying to get there immediately.

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