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Reddit is among the most visited websites in the world. It’s like one big online message board wherein people from everwhere share anything (and I mean ANYTHING from what your dog ate to the secrets of the Universe). It’s fun to just browse through the different subreddits (categories) of the site and gather news and information. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be scared, and maybe even meet a new friend.

And, it has what Facebook doesn’t —–> a dislike button! You can like a submitted link, post, or comment to the front page or dislike it to oblivion. Anyways, browsing through the reddit website can be a bit daunting at times, especially on mobile. Worry no more since there are apps that you can use to make your life on Reddit much easier. All of them are free so download away!

Best Reddit App:

Bacon Reader may be the best Reddit app around. It is very lightweight and has a clean interface which makes it easy for you to share a post, comment, and vote. And it also allows you to log in to multiple accounts at once! Switching between accounts is very easy and hassle free. Those with no accounts need not worry as the app allows you to create one in seconds.

Can you use the app without an account? Yes. You just can’t comment, vote, or post links.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Reddit App

  1. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Reddit. I shouldn’t download this app. Crap, I’m doing it. Oh, this is definitely a clean app that I’ve been missing. Great, more time to spend on Reddit, now! Anyway, it’s a great app and I’n surprised that Reddit doesn’t officially support it!

  2. I spend way too long browsing Reddit. It’s almost as much of a time sink as TVTropes! I’ll have to give the app a look, but normally I’ll just use their mobile site and multi-tab. It’s a pity the article didn’t include any screenshots, or comments about what makes this app so good apart from multiple account handling.

    I’d love to have a little more information about this, and the other apps you’ve mentioned.

  3. Reddit is Fun on Android is probably the only constantly installed app on my phone.
    Reddit is so open and people can get from it whatever they want, having a streamlined and functional app like RIF is so valuable. Time saved that can be spent Redditting……

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this app, I spend a lot of time on reddit and this will make it easier when I want to use my smartphone. I like that it’s lightweight, there are so many apps installed on my smartphone and I wouldn’t want to slow it down. As for being easy and with a clear interface, that’s definitely a plus. I hate it whan I have to spend lots of time just to understand how an app works. In those cases, I almost always end up deleting the app and forgetting about it.

  5. In your article you mentioned that Reddit has something that Facebook doesn’t, “a dislike button”. Well, apparently Facebook heard you. They have now installed love, like, dislike, and a variety of other emotion buttons. Of course, most of us are so used to just clicking like in there that we often miss the more elaborate buttons, but they are there now to use, if we happen to spot them in time to actually use them.

    1. Nah, those are just reaction buttons and have very little effect as compared to liking a post… Unlike Reddit wherein it tallies the likes and dislikes accumulated by a user and a post can get lost if it has been disliked a lot. I think Facebook is trying to promote a wholesome and positive environment for users… 🙂

  6. I mostly read reddit on my phone, like browsing askreddit and interesting threads. I use reddit is fun and I really like it, because in the new update they enabled pictures and stuff.

    I do not mind at all that they don’T have an official app, I mean there a lot of really useful ones out there.

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