A Gadget that will Follow You Wherever You Go – Onagofly Nano Drone

Ever had someone follow you and video record your every move? No? You think that’s creepy? Yeah, it is… But it could also be cool to have somebody film you. Like when you’re going to cook something delicious or going on a hike or going to paint something, or going to prank somebody or surprise someone… Its nice to have those moments captured. And shared.

What? You already have a GoPro to capture events? That’s certainly a cool gadget but it’s used for taking first person videos. I’m thinking of videos where you could actually be seen in a third person perspective. No, you can’t just slap a GoPro to your dog. He can’t film you.

onagofly nano drone
Onagofly Nano Drone

There’s a gadget that can follow you around and film you though – the Onagofly Nano Drone. It’s a smart drone that could fly and follow you wherever you go with its built in GPS module. With its 15 MP camera, it can take high quality videos and pictures no matter where you are. It also has a WiFi module so that it could be connected to other gadgets. The Onagofly Nano Drone also has an expected price of around $300 making it one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2016.

Watch the Onagofly Nano Drone Video:

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10 thoughts on “A Gadget that will Follow You Wherever You Go – Onagofly Nano Drone

  1. Wow, this is certainly new information for me. Yeah, you definitely got that right, GoPros are for recording first person views. At first I thought that this going to be around a thousand dollars just to get blown away when I got to the end of review. This gadget man, it’s amazing. With that price point, it could be be a huge success. Thanks for the update!

    “No, you can’t just slap a GoPro to your dog. He can’t film you.”
    This is, without a doubt, the best statement/sentence of the review. 😀

  2. That is fantastic. Is it bad to say I want one?

    Something like that doesn’t just have to be a fun toy. I could see it having safety uses for hikers or joggers on remote routes, or even perhaps for people walking home at night if it can send the footage to a remote hoster. If something does happen, and it is transmitting and saved even just the last five minutes on a dropbox, it would help rescue services know what part of the area the person was in and what condition they were in from captured footage, even if their GPS goes down.

    And while I;d never thought about adding a GoPro to a dog, what is wrong with putting a very small webcam on a cat? That’s youtube gold!

  3. I’m getting insanely into the idea of quad-copters. Have you ever looked up FPV quad-copter racing online? It’s pretty amazing and is going to get me to spend too much money on the hobby, I can see it already. These quads are so cool in what they can do, and when you throw some programming into them, well…we’re in the future Ladies and Gentlemen!

  4. Drones are coming fast into our lives and we’ll include them in all kinds of domains soon enough. They are smart and can be controlled easily with a remote controller while also having a big variety of uses. A drone cannot be used only to film you, but it can also be used to carry small things and, in future maybe, hard stuff to help out in constructions. Drones will be a part of our future for sure.

  5. Aw now if it can be made to feel more like a pet, I’m sure the demand would just explode.
    It feels like a future where Pokemon and Mecha sort of cross, kids would love it

    1. That would be an interesting idea. I can see people (not just kids though) walking around with little drones following them. Maybe the pet drones could have cute designs painted on them, or a name. Perhaps the drone could be programmed to “respond” to the sound of its name in some way. That would be really awesome to see.

  6. How cool! I’d love to get one, it looks like a great gadget. It would allow you to film the most significant moments, without the hassle to hold a camera and the need to pass along the camera to another person in order to get everyone on the video. The price is rather interesting, I would have thought such a device would cost much more than that. My only concern lies on the battery life, it would be a pity having it run out of battery in the middle of a video.

  7. $300.00 would almost be the price of the camera alone. The little drone itself, (minus the GPS device, of course) costs about $30 to $40.00. This flying camera would be very easy to crash into a tree or wall, thanks to its size. The smaller the drone, the lighter its weight, which makes it easier for the wind to blow it around. Just because the device is designed to follow you, doesn’t mean it will resist all gusts of wind, so this drone would work perfectly only on a fairly calm day.

  8. I say why not. Great for kids or something. Better you watching their backs in case something happens. It would be a true load off your mind knowing your child is safe from harm because parents can be… paranoid at times. Best be safe than sorry.

  9. I have seen this fascinating little drones before. Over the last several years, we have spotted them at campsites, parks and more. Last year on the 4th of July, several people were using them to film the fireworks. I have also noticed that festivals are a great place to fly them and get a bird’s eye view of all the action.

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