Future Gadgets: The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Ever wanted your fridge to have smartphone capabilities? Apparently, Samsung has got your back. They’re close to releasing the Family Hub Refrigerator which is essentially a fridge with a smartphone slapped on the door. It’s actually pretty impressive. The large touch screen on the door of the fridge let’s you do a lot of things like watch movies, listen to music and post sticky notes (bye bye ref magnets). The downside? It may cost around $5,000…

Obviously, this is currently a luxury product and not a necessity. With lots of refrigerators for sale on the market, this item would probably be the last on the list of must-buys. However, if you have tons of cash and want your fridge to do more than the ordinary, this is fit for you.

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7 thoughts on “Future Gadgets: The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

  1. Given the micro-thin rollable screen you’ve written about elsewhere, this actually already looks a little dated to me. My immediate reaction is that for $5000, it had better be able to tell me when every item in it is going off, place orders online as requested, and defrost and pack itself!

    On the practical side, that touchscreen is going to get very stick, very fast, and you’d have to be very careful cleaning it. Honestly, I can see someone forgetting and sticking a magnet on it anyway. If users will stick fridge magnets on the side of PCs, that poor fridge doesn’t stand a chance.

  2. Yeah, this is definitely a luxury item. For $5000, I could have expected other unique features but it seems there aren’t any. I think if someone every buys this, they’re buying it for the convenience of the screen and not for the ref. Judging by the size of the screen, it alone takes more than half the entire cost of the product.

    @kate yeah, I’ve about that too. However, the screen could be more durable than others and be able to withstand pressure more. Also, LCD screens are not affected by magnets as much as CRTs are. So it’s fine to stick a magnet on it. I could be wrong though.

  3. I like these kinds of things. I also like the smart mirrors people make. It’s all a great way to integrate technology into our lives. I’m surprised it’s not more integrated, to be honest, given the capabilities we have now. I think people need to catch up to all this technology, not the other way around.

  4. I like technology that solves a problem or fits a need, some of this just feels like tech for tech sake.
    If the fridge sticks to just keeping things cool and maybe the feature of stock control was added would be the sort of useful tech (that I believe already exists)

  5. This is a very cool fridge for sure but I think it’s really overpriced for what it has to offer. I mean, the screen is pretty and useful but it has its downside. Like someone else said, you need to be very careful with handling it, if you have dirty hands, it could get sticky and you’d have to be very careful with the cleaning. Besides, I love magnets, my fridge is almost covered with them and I wouldn’t want to give them up, every one of them represent a memory or a place I’ve visited or it’s just pretty. Basically, it’s a nice fridge but I wouldn’t get it.

  6. I call this sort of thing redundant technology. Virtually everyone these days has all of that computing capability in their pocket, so why does it need to be tacked to the front of a refrigerator? That seems like a very unlikely place for someone to use a computer, unless, as someone else suggested, it could tell you when you need to throw stuff out or stock up on something. It would be great for posting things you need to shop for on your next grocery outing, but not so great for watching movies as the shape of the screen is all wrong anyway. Plus, the price is a problem for those of us on a budget. Nope, I think I’ll stick with the ordinary, hum-drum fridge that I’ve had for five years now.

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