Reasons to Buy an Apple Watch

Not yet convinced on getting your own Apple Watch? You still need reasons? Apple has made some videos to woo you.


With the Apple Watch, you’ll automatically be updated with the weather. No more awkward moments like bringing a very big umbrella when it’s not even going to rain or going to an occasion soaking wet because you didn’t expect the weather to be bad.


Have fun exercising with the Apple Watch. It’s a pretty neat exercise buddy and can track different things like your heart rate or progress for the day.



Don’t remember where you put your phone? Is it in silent mode so you can’t hear it even if you make it ring? No worries. You can easily find your other Apple gadgets using the Apple Watch.


Oh, and it could double as a beeper. It could easily receive messages without taking out your phone.


Easily control music from your wrist. Listen to your favorite tunes via your Apple Watch!


Mix and watch Apple Watch colors and bands with your style. It could blend well with any outfit for any event or occasion.


Are you an eBay addict? Receive bid updates directly to your watch. Not really a ground-breaking feature but it’s something good to have.

So, after watching all those short 16 second videos, you’re probably excited to get your own Apple Watch! Wait, what? You don’t care about all these? Ah heck, then maybe this video would be better suited for ya…

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4 thoughts on “Reasons to Buy an Apple Watch

  1. It’s going to sound silly, but a guy we buy Apple kit from showed us how it helped him break his iPhone addiction.
    Before he was always checking his phone randomly and, anytime it made a noise, would pick it up and be stuck on it for a bit (would get side tracked).

    Now, he glances at his watch. Any random noise, looks at his watch and acts accordingly (flicks wrist to delete a rubbish email or knows to get his phone out).

    This is the sort of conveniences that’ll go with smart glasses perfectly

  2. I have maintained since the Apple Watch came out, that the thing was just an extension of the actual overpriced phone, and not really a necessity. Apple loves their expensive toys to be sure, but to create a watch that only works with the Iphone? Not everyone has an Iphone, so how is this a good thing? And to make that watch do everything the phone does is simply redundant. If what Ewek said is true, then perhaps there is one redeeming value to this product, but that is about it…at least for me anyway.

  3. I just don’t know. As the first release post-Jobs I’m not too impressed. It’s still essentially tethered to your iPhone and while it has it’s perks I just don’t see the purpose of it just yet. Of course the iPod was pretty clunky in its first iteration too, so I’ll hold out hope! Just going to wait a while before I pull the trigger on that purchase!

  4. I’m terribly sorry but, I’m still not convinced. For me it is still an incredibly overpriced product for such a small item with limited uses other than the fact that you can brag to people that you can afford one. You made some compelling arguments though, and I applaud you for it. The Apple watch DO seem to have a variety of uses, but for the price, I still can buy a lot of other things with it that would be far better than an overpriced branded watch.

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