Computer Chip Implanted in Ohio Man’s Brain

A man in Ohio allowed scientists to implant a computer chip into his brain. Find out why in the video below.

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5 thoughts on “Computer Chip Implanted in Ohio Man’s Brain

  1. I hope they can get it working outside the lab soon. It could change so many lives.

    This is the type of medical technology that really gives me hope for the future. It is amazing how far we’ve come in just my lifetime. In 2012 a paralysed woman walked the London marathon using an exoskeleton, and I remember a lady before that with implanted electrodes in her legs that let her walk with a computer program, but needed a car battery and computer built into a zimmerframe to power, plugged directly into her hip, and was controlled by adjusting the program manually. This seems to just be one chip giving him back muscle control which is amazing. Imagine combining the walking technology I mentioned with this: you could have parapelegics entirely by will, no programs or adjustments.

    I wonder whether the chip can actually provide feedback about pressure and temperature to the brain? If it could restore sensation as well that would really be a miracle.

  2. The guy had little to lose, it was either going to improve his quality of life or not change it.
    Incredible though, you can bet this sort of tech will be used for blindness, deafness and just make people superhuman 😀

  3. This sort of thing is awesome for quadriplegics, if it works and the technology used can be made more portable. For example, if the “plug” used to connect the brain to the body’s nerves could be hidden beneath the hair and the guiding force comes from something the user wears in a pocket, like a cell phone, for example… that would be great news. When a technology such as this is being used to actually help someone, rather than used to control a population, I’m all for it.

  4. There’s such a weird social stigma against this sort of thing, but I think it’s a wonderful idea. I mean, walking around with your cellphone is about the same as adding another hemisphere to your brain. You just don’t wetwire it in! I don’t think it’s the mark of the beast or anything, just technology and ways to make humans better, disabled or not!

  5. There have been so many wonderful developments for people who are handicapped or disabled. I recently saw a mouse that could be controlled with head and mouth movement. Other organizations have already come up with procedures to restore sight and hearing, while prosthetics continue to evolve into more natural appendages. Thank God for science!

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