Idiot’s Guide to the Deep Web

Don’t know anything about the Deepweb? This infographic would get you up to speed.

The Idiot’s Guide to the Deep Web


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One thought on “Idiot’s Guide to the Deep Web

  1. I probably wouldn’t use this to explain the web because the infographic seems to confuse the deepweb with the darkweb. The deep web is deliberately inaccessible to search engines: e.g. bank records, government records, medical support groups etc. The darkweb is the part of the deepweb inaccessible from standard browsers. Admittedly that distinction emerged in 2014, which might be after this infographic was created, judging by when it’s history of Bitcoin stopped.

    Its also technically a little simple e.g. all WordPress content is held in a database, but that doesn’t make difficult to index, and Bitcoin transactions are traceable, you just need to link the owner to their wallet as you’d have to link a bank account to its owner.

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