Little Known Nintendo Facts

You’ve owned a NES when you were a kid. You even played the very first Game n Watch games. You defended the N64 and told your friends that their PlayStations suck. You even managed to bust a few TVs with the WiiMote. In other words, you are the ultimate Nintendo fanboy. But how well do you really know Nintendo? Let’s find out.

Nintendo owns the rights to the adult films Super Hornio Brothers and Super Hornio Brothers 2. In fairness to Nintendo, they had no choice but to purchase the rights to these adult flicks in order to stop them from being sold.

There’s a battle against Professor Oak programmed into Pokemon Red & Blue, but was never included in the final game.

Super Mario World
The stage shown at the Super Mario World title screen is an unfinished version of the Special World level “Groovy”.

Mario, the famed mustachioed plumber, was apparently named after Nintendo’s warehouse landlord and Seattle real estate developer Mario Segale. You’re now probably wondering if he looks like Mario. Nope, he doesn’t.

playing cards
Nintendo was founded in 1889. One of its original products were playing cards, which they still sell today.

Clouds and Bushes are the same thing in Super Mario. Just different colors.
Clouds and bushes are the same thing

The Inventor of the Gameboy was a former Janitor of Nintendo – Gunpei Yokoi. This goes to show that anybody can succeed given the right mindset and work ethic.

shigeru miyamoto
Shigeru Miyamoto originally wanted to be a manga artist. He would’ve been successful nonetheless.

Devil World
Miyamoto’s first NES game never came to the US due to demonic imagery. Game designers could be weird at times, you know.

love hotel
In the 1960s, one of Nintendo’s many failed business ventures included a “Love Hotel,” where adults could rent rooms by the hour and play video games. And some other (probably adult) stuff.

The very first video game played in space is Tetris.

Final Fantasy VII was intended for release on the SNES and N64. However, Sony won the rights to the RPG gem due to the limitations of the Nintendo console back then.

Diskun (for The Famicom Disk System) is a failed Nintendo mascot

Seattle mariners
Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners.

Nintendo ripped off Lego’s building blocks

Namco once made unofficial NES cartridges

NES games were supposed to be hard to beat so the games lasted longer.

super mario kart
Super Mario Kart was censored in the US.

yoshi puzzle game
The first game made by the creators of Pokémon was a Yoshi puzzle game

The SNES sound chip was built by the creator of the PlayStation. Yes, Sony and Nintendo were allies back then.

nes with microphone
The Japanese version of the NES had a microphone embedded in the controller to be used in the Legend of Zelda game so you could yell at it after repeated deaths maybe?

Data-wise, even the largest NES games were no bigger than 6 Megabits, or about 768 Kilobytes – smaller than the size of a photo on your smartphone.



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