iPhone 7 Review (in average)

The iPhone 7 is Apple’s latest entry into the very competitive smartphone industry. Did it please the critics? Let’s see what they have to say and take their average ratings to get a true picture of the iPhone 7’s rating.


apple iphone 7
Cnet gave the iPhone 7 a rating of 4.5 out of 5 (which converts to 9 out of 10). Cnet gave props to the iPhone 7s improved front and rear camera, faster processor and better battery life. It also gave it a thumbs up for being the first water resistant iPhone. Their complaint? There’s no headphone jack plus the new home button takes a bit of getting used to.


iphone 7 review
Trustedreviewz on the other hand gave the iPhone 7 a rating of 3.5 out of 5 (which converts to 7 out of 10). Their critics fell in love with the awesome screen and speakers of the iPhone 7. They also pointed out the much improved camera and gave props to the phone for being water resistant.

However, contrary to what Cnet pointed out, trustedreviews’ critics didn’t like the performance of the battery of the Apple’s baby. They also frowned upon the lack of a headphone jack and also took a swipe at the phone’s high price tag.


apple iphone 7
Macworld.com gifted the Apple iPhone 7 with a rating of 4 out of 5 (which converts to 8 out of 10). Like the previous two critics, Macworld went gaga with the camera and the speed of the iPhone 7. Plus, it also pointed out that it has more storage at the same price than the previous iPhones.

But, there were certain annoyances that the critics at Macworld didn’t like which prevented them from giving the iPhone 7 a perfect score. Annoyances like what you ask? Why the lack of the headphone jack, what else?


iphone 7 review
Techradar.com has also given the iPhone 7 a rating of 4 out of 5. They pointed out the great performance of the phone’s camera in low light plus the higher storage capacity. Being water resistant also helped it get a high score.

Why didn’t it get a perfect score? Techradar seems to be tired of the same old design as it pointed out in its review. Their critics also weren’t impressed by the battery.


iphone 7 review
The critics at Theguardian.com believe that the iPhone 7 is a missed opportunity thus only giving it a review rating of 3 out of 5 (or 6 out of 10). They point out that they camera is much improved, the processor is much faster and the storage is bigger.

But with all the improvements, they ask how the user would enjoy those if the battery doesn’t even last a day. They also state that battery charging is very very slow which definitely sucks.

Now let’s gather all these review ratings and get the average shall we?

Cnet.com Trustedreviews.com Macworld.com
9/10 7/10 8/10

Techradar.com Theguardian.com Phonearena.com
8/10 6/10 9/10

Digitaltrends.com Expertreviews.co.uk PCmag.com
7/10 8/10 9/10

And the average review rating of the Apple iPhone 7 based from the reputable critics on the internet is:

7.8 out of 10

What does this mean you ask? If you have money, buy it.

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