How to Turn Your Old Phone into a Security Camera

Old phones have a low resale value. So instead of selling it or locking it up in a cupboard, you can give it new life by turning it into a security camera. Security is essential in any home. Having a full security system though is very expensive.

No need to worry though, with your old phone, you can create a fully working (free) security camera which can be used to check on pets, monitor babies while they sleep, or even alert you about deliveries.

Here’s what you will need

1. An old smartphone or tablet with a camera which can connect to the internet.
2. A charger for your device.
3. Your preferred app.

The Apps

1. Skype (Free)
2. Manything (iOS only, free plans available)
3. Web of Cam (Free)
4. IP Webcam Pro (Paid)
5. TinyCam Monitor Pro (Paid)

security camera

The Steps

The Steps

1. Find an appropriate spot in your home where your camera will be able to stand upright and where it will have good viewing range (probably on top of a shelf).

2. Download the app of your choice from the Play Store or iTunes Store. Skype is much recommended since it is very reliable and free.

3. Make sure that the app is installed properly in your phone. Setup an account and take a live video stream using your phone.

4. Access that same app from another device using your same account. This allows you to check your home from anywhere. Just make sure that the device you’re using as a security camera is charged because having the camera constantly running will drains lots of power fast.

There you have it. Your very own security camera that’s cheap and easy to set up!
*Note that devices with flash would allow you to take security videos even in the dark.

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